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Dollars don't exist


Here is an explanation of why dollars don't exist, and the guvmt doesn't even print money:

Dollars don't exist because they are a unit of measure. Centimeters don't exist either, you can't have too many (or not enough) centimeters to e.g. build a house.

Turns out the entities that create money aren't guvments, and aren't central banks. It's all the commercial banks combined (like Chase, Davidienda). You'd think the Fed creates money, but it doesn't. The Fed can only change the overnight inter-bank borrowing cost (the "rate"), and it also buys stuff and keep it on its balance sheet (the "not a bailout" bailout).

(Other than setting "the rate" and buying stuff, the third monetary policy tool is setting specific reserve requirement, but this requirement has been at 0% for a while, so it's not important, I believe it's more of a historic thing.)

The real question is how do we, poor people, create wealth out of nothing, to make ourselves rich, as the wealthy people have already done for themselves.

Oh and, it is somewhat infuriating to see that the guvmt has the "goal" of increasing unemployment. As if things aren't already bad enough, the Fed even states that they want more people to be unemployed. For our own good. This makes absolutely no sense, but they keep saying it: see and .

Increased unemployment is an unfortunate outcome of contractionary monetary policy, where interest rates (which all of them depend on that one overnight inter-bank one we call "the rate") are so high, that nobody can afford to borrow, and so businesses do not borrow, and do not spend. You have not seen a serious business that carries no debt. Our economy is debt-based, so when anyone receives a salary, it's paid out of some loan.

Okay so then, is there even such a thing as a "money supply" and increasing/decreasing money supply, to simulate or hinder demand? Yes there is. Since "the rate" influences how much total lending is being done by all the banks, higher rate means less lending, less money loaned, decreased money supply.

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