A global subsidy war in the microchips sector


Well, I'm way too late on this, demonstrating a failure of focus on my part, and an example of how politics must not be ignored, when looking at finance. NVDA is going psychotically up not because they have such a great business (although they do), and not because economic conditions precipitate asset price increases (they don't), but because the US guvmt gave NVDA free unlimited money in 2022. Since the world seems always to be in a state of war, there is a current skirmish in which the US wants to internalize and usurp the semiconductor industry. So they give NVDA free unlimited money. (As a reminder, money is free for anyone other than poor people.) The fact that profit margins are tiny on chip manufacturing, supply chain constraints, fierce competition and relative lack of demand (because everyone is poor) are irrelevant.


NVDA stock price
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